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2009 will mark 40 years of us providing you with the tools you need to get your job done.† We started as a calculator shop, selling and delivering by day and repairing them in the evening.† Since then, we have continuously added new products and services and bade farewell to those that no longer offered what your office required.† We have clients who have spent an entire career without ever having any other office technology supplier.†


Your success is our business.


About Us

Everyone with an office knows that the pace of this change is accelerating exponentially.† The tools are staggeringly sophisticated and powerful.† Those who most effectively use these advancements are going to flourish.† Those who donít, well, wonít.† Itís as simple as that.† Give us a call, a note, or a visit and bring only your questions and an open mind.† Tell us what you want to do and let us figure out how to do it in a way that fits your budget and your business.† We look forward to working with you.

(much, much nicer!)